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Our copywriters were asked to create informative posts that help homeowners to navigate the house selling process in Australia. We had to break down relatively complex information and communicate it in a way that was easy to understand.

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Finding and Hiring the Right Real Estate Agent

Selling your property quickly and for the right price is always a complex task, but it can be tougher still if you don’t take the care and time to choose the right real estate agent for your needs. Of course, you may be tempted to go it alone and sell privately, which might save you some money in the short term. However, having an experienced and knowledgeable agent representing your interests can actually add value to your home. But how do you go about finding the best person for your circumstances?

Delve into the selling history of local agents

Looking for an agent with a long and successful history in selling homes is a great place to start, but to truly value from your property, you should be looking for agents with a history of selling homes similar to yours. There is no substitute for researching the agents in your area, and comparing them based on customer reviews and their sales record. This can be a time consuming task if performed manually, but online tools such as the OpenAgent search portal make the job a lot quicker.

When you’re researching sales histories, keep several different factors in mind:

  • What is the average time it takes the agent to sell a property like yours?
  • Does the agent make a living from specialising in the marketing of properties like yours?
  • How many properties did the agent sell last year?
  • Is there evidence that the final sale prices achieved by the agent compare favourably with the initial asking prices?

What have previous clients said?

The best way to gauge an agent’s reliability, communications skills and effectiveness is to get the information ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’. Homeowners will often leave reviews of agents on various websites and discussion forums on the Internet, but finding them can be a chore. Once again, using OpenAgent to find customer reviews will make the task quicker and simpler, but make sure you’re searching for the right information.

  • Was the agent always contactable?
  • Did the agent follow through on the forecasted final sale price?
  • Was the client kept in the loop at every stage of the process?
  • Were responsibilities and accountabilities clearly defined from the outset?
  • Were the fees and commission structure property explained at the beginning of the relationship?

Arrange a face-to-face meeting

Once you have found three or four promising real estate agents, you’ll need to meet with them in order to ascertain their suitability for selling your home. One of the key areas you should concentrate on during a meeting is the agent’s knowledge of the local market. Can they talk freely about house sales in the surrounding streets? Do they know what the average house prices are? And can they demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the local area?

You should also ask some very specific questions about your home. Does the agent have a marketing plan in mind? How much does the agent think your property is worth? Which advertising and marketing outlets does the agent think will prove effective when trying to achieve the best possible price for your home?

Above all, the agent you choose should be someone you trust, and someone you can get along with. Trust your instincts in this respect, and you should be able to find the ideal person to sell your house.