Aggregion offer digital storage facilities for multimedia. They contacted us in search of a copywriter who could write a page describing the various benefits of their licensed data storage services. They also wanted us to create a brief FAQ section for their website.

We worked collaboratively with the client, and delivered several drafts before the final version of the content was accepted. This approach is what sets PunchDrunk Media apart from other UK copywriting services.

Link: Aggregion website

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Access All Your Digital Content in One Place

A-Store is a simple, easy-to-use online storage system for all your digital content. Store all of your legally obtained digital books, software, music and video in one place – and access it where you want, when you want.

Easy to use, accessible and legally compliant

A-Store is an advanced storage facility that protects the intellectual rights of content creators. This is why more and more online retailers are choosing A-Store for secure digital content storage. Simply buy your content from an A-Store connected business, and it will be available to you via a simple, user-friendly online dashboard.

Guaranteed virus-free

You don’t need to worry about viruses when using A-Store, as every file is continually being monitored by the very latest malware protection tools. You can relax in the knowledge that your purchases – and the devices you access them from – are fully protected from the latest malware.

Secure storage for your digital content – accessed in a flash

Not only is all of your digital content safe and secure at A-Store, it can be accessed in a matter of seconds with a single password. Imagine it: wherever in the world you are, you can access your digital movies, music, books and files from a single window on your internet-enabled device.

No need to worry about the technical stuff

We understand that you probably just want to access your digital purchases quickly and without too much hassle. A-Store is exceptionally easy to use, and it requires no additional software or technical knowledge. Just follow the simple instructions included with your A-Store membership to access and download your files.

Look out for the A-Store logo

When you go shopping for digital content, look for the unmistakable A-Store logo. Retailers who display the logo allow you to login using your A-Store account details. You’ll then be able to make purchases through your account and access them via the A-Store interface. You’ll receive a confirmation, as well as any additional information regarding your purchase, via email.

You can access all your account information and purchases via the A-Store app, so managing your digital content just couldn’t be easier!

Logging in couldn’t be easier

When you’re asked to log in to a retailer’s website via the A-store, all you’ll need is your login name and password. Or if you prefer, log in via a range of different online platforms, including Google, Windows ID and Facebook. Once logged in, any digital purchases you make will be attributed to your account – allowing you to access them whenever you’re online.

Access your digital content from a range of devices

There’s an A-Store Reader for just about every device and operating system on the market. So, whether you’re accessing your digital files via your iPhone, iPad or laptop computer, your safely secured content will always be close at hand – wherever in the world you are.

There is an A-Store Reader for all types of content – so you’ll never never need to go anywhere else to read your ebooks, watch your movies and TV shows or listen to your favourite music tracks.

All of your content in one account

It can be very frustrating when you have to access various online accounts in order to enjoy your digital purchases. But with a single, password-protected A-Store account, you can access all of your content in a single window.

Enjoy audio and video on your favourite players

There’s no need to make-do with audio and visual players you’re not familiar with when using A-Store. Simply install our codec in less than a minute, and you’ll be able to enjoy your music and video via your preferred media player.

Get sharing

We all like to lend our movies, music and books to friends and family from time to time. And let’s face it; who hasn’t borrowed a DVD or a CD in the past? There’s no need to stop sharing just because you’re buying digital content, as A-Store lets you lend and borrow to your heart’s content. As long as your content’s licence is still valid, you can share almost any purchase with whomever you want.


A-Store Multimedia Decoder for Windows

Installing the A-Store Multimedia Decoder for Windows

Start the decoder installation process, and enter your A-Store login name and password when the process is complete.

You should use the login name and password you entered when you first registered for the service – either when making your first A-Store purchase or registering via a third-party platform such as Facebook or Windows ID.

Accessing the setting for your decoder

You can access the settings for your decoder by opening the Control Panel and selecting the A-Store Multimedia Decoder option.

Signing in and out of your decoder account

If you want to change the decoder account or simply log out, hit the ‘Exit’ button. You can log back into your decoder account by pressing the ‘Enter’ button.

Access the full list of content associated with your account

The content files that are associated with the device you’re using are marked with the icon shown below.

Deauthorizing a device

Once you have downloaded a content file from A-Store, it becomes ‘tied’ to that particular device. This is because most copyright holders will place a limit on how many devices their content can be stored on at any one time.

For instance: Imagine a movie you own can be downloaded just twice according to its licensing rules. If you have downloaded that movie on your laptop and your mobile phone, you won’t be able to download it onto another device until you delete it from at least one of your devices.

If you want to stop using a particular device to access your content, you can deauthorize it by clicking the icon and then selecting ‘Yes’ from the popup window.

Launching A-Store files in Windows multimedia players

Enjoying your A-Store content on Windows multimedia players is very easy to do. Simply open open your music or video file in the usual way. If you have successfully installed the Windows media decoder, the system will automatically recognise the file extension and start playing your content on the default media player.

If you haven’t logged into the A-Store Multimedia Decoder, or you haven’t installed it, you will be prompted to do so by a popup inside your device’s default media player. Simply log in as you normally would.

Launching the A-Store Reader

You will receive the A-Store Reader from the online store you purchased your content from. Or if you’re using Windows, you can download the software by simply clicking on the link provided.

Once installed, the A-Store login page will load. Simply enter the login name and password you used to register with A-Store. Most people register when they make their first online purchase.

Browsing your purchased content

Once logged in, you will be taken to a page that lists all of the content that is available in your account. You can update the list at any time by clicking the special icon shown below.

Downloading content to your device 

Because most audio and movie files are large, they won’t be downloaded from A-Store to your device automatically. Make sure you have enough storage space on your device for the file you want to download, and click the special icon shown below.

Deleting downloaded content from your device

Videos in particular take up a lot of storage space, so you may need to delete them once you’ve watched them. Fortunately, deleting files couldn’t be easier. Simply click the special delete icon shown below. Remember: you’re deleting the file from your device’s storage; you aren’t deleting the content from your account. You can download the deleted file again at any time.

Access to Your A-Store account

Once you have purchased your digital content, you will receive an email containing your A-Store login credentials and any other information you need to get started. There might also be a link included in the email, which you should click to start the download and installation process.

Lending content to other A-Store users

Lending a friend or relative a DVD, book or album is something we’ve all become used to – and this tradition doesn’t need to end just because your favourite movies, music tracks and books are digital files. You can now lend your favourite A-Store movie to a friend is if it were a physical DVD. And if your friend isn’t an A-Store user already, you can invite them to sign up via your account window.

Let’s imagine you’ve bought a movie in digital format – and it’s safely stored in your A-Store library. As long as the copyright holder allows sharing – and the licence hasn’t expired – you can share your movie with any other A-Store user. Although you won’t be able to access your movie whilst it is loaned out, you’ll be able to ask for it back at any time.

Whether you’re giving your digital content as a loan or a gift, the A-Store user interface makes the whole process extremely simple.