Tips for success in copywriting

10 Copywriting Tips for Creating Web Content That Sells

It is almost impossible to do business in the 21st century without some form of online presence. In most cases, this presence comes in the form of a website. But all too often, business websites are poorly constructed and stuffed with inferior content. All successful business websites rely on a great copywriter - whether that [...]

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Creating a New Website from Scratch Requires Solid Foundations… Built by a Copywriter

As part of my weekly duties as a copywriter in the UK, I provide businesses with a unique service. Not only do I write kick-ass marketing and web content, I design and create Wordpress websites too. I know, I’m so talented it’s borderline embarrassing. Now, having acquired my skills in copywriting and website design, I [...]

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Why Freelance Copywriters Need the Right Tools for the Job

I recently had the misfortune of experiencing a technical failure that threatened my livelihood (as well as my sanity), and I thought I would share it with the copywriting community. I say technical failure; it was more like me picking up my computer and throwing it across the room. I'm still developing a routine as [...]

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What Makes a Copywriter a Great Copywriter?

Being a good writer is not a guarantee of success as a copywriter. If you’re looking for someone to create effective marketing or web content, you should be looking for someone with an innate understanding of human nature. We’re all fickle beasts, us human beings. We have very short attention spans, and many of us [...]

Tips for Getting Started as a Copywriter

I'm relatively new to the world of copywriting and blogging, so a lot of my time is currently spent promoting myself online.  I'm learning as I go along, and I seem to be wasting a lot of my time on tactics that simply don't bear fruit.  As I'm a kind and caring sort of chap, [...]

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5 Ways a UK Copywriter Can Beat Writer’s Block

Have you ever sat at your computer screen with the intention of writing a ridiculously incisive and concise piece of copy, only to find yourself contemplating the origins of the universe or what to have for lunch? If you have, the chances are you experienced what us writers like to refer to as writer's block. [...]

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