Tips for Getting Started as a Copywriter

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I'm relatively new to the world of copywriting and blogging, so a lot of my time is currently spent promoting myself online.  I'm learning as I go along, and I seem to be wasting a [...]

5 Ways a UK Copywriter Can Beat Writer’s Block

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Have you ever sat at your computer screen with the intention of writing a ridiculously incisive and concise piece of copy, only to find yourself contemplating the origins of the universe or what to have [...]

6 Sneaky Ways a Copywriter Can Find New Clients

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I would say that around 75 percent of my work is ghost writing; writing for clients who take the credit for my work. Of course, I couldn't survive without this income, but it does grate [...]

Is SEO Copywriting a Relic of the Past?

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I’m a journalist and writer – it’s what I do. I’m not a marketing agent, I’m not a web designer and I sure as hell ain’t an SEO specialist. And while SEO copywriting is listed [...]