7 Benefits of Blogging on Your Business Website

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Content is now king in the world of online marketing. If you’ve been putting off the addition of a blog on your company website, you may well be missing out on crucial business. As a [...]

How to Choose the Perfect Copywriter for Your Business Communications

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Whether you need content for a website or for your offline communications, it’s always best to outsource the work to a copywriter. But once you’ve decided to turn to a professional, how do you make [...]

10 Copywriting Tips for Creating Web Content That Sells

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It is almost impossible to do business in the 21st century without some form of online presence. In most cases, this presence comes in the form of a website. But all too often, business websites [...]

Creating a New Website from Scratch Requires Solid Foundations… Built by a Copywriter

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As part of my weekly duties as a copywriter in the UK, I provide businesses with a unique service. Not only do I write kick-ass marketing and web content, I design and create Wordpress websites [...]

Why Freelance Copywriters Need the Right Tools for the Job

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I recently had the misfortune of experiencing a technical failure that threatened my livelihood (as well as my sanity), and I thought I would share it with the copywriting community. I say technical failure; it [...]

What Makes a Copywriter a Great Copywriter?

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Being a good writer is not a guarantee of success as a copywriter. If you’re looking for someone to create effective marketing or web content, you should be looking for someone with an innate understanding [...]