About Malcolm Cox

Malcolm Cox is a trained newspaper journalist who took a career break of more than 15 years. Instead of being an intrepid journalist, Malcolm spent his time slaving away in the catering industry. Malcolm now works as copywriter and journalist in the UK.

7 Benefits of Blogging on Your Business Website

Content is now king in the world of online marketing. If you’ve been putting off the addition of a blog on your company website, you may well be missing out on crucial business. As a copywriter, I’d say 70 percent of what I do involves blogs in some way or another - and there’s a [...]

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IPzen is a cloud-based software company that specialises in the management of intellectual property rights. They approach our copywriters to write a regular blog post on cloud technology and collaborative software. We research the topic, supply the client with a list of potential titles and write each post with great care. This client wanted SEO [...]

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Aggregion offer digital storage facilities for multimedia. They contacted us in search of a copywriter who could write a page describing the various benefits of their licensed data storage services. They also wanted us to create a brief FAQ section for their website. We worked collaboratively with the client, and delivered several drafts before the [...]

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Axonomy Ltd

Axonomy Ltd is an IT architect agency in the UK. They wanted us to create some persuasive copy that defined both their brand and their services. This was a very tricky task, as it involved writing about a very complex subject in a way that was informative and engaging. We worked with the client on [...]

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Open Agent

Open Agent is an Australian estate agent app that helps house hunters find the ideal agent for both their home and their local market. Our copywriters were asked to create informative posts that help homeowners to navigate the house selling process in Australia. We had to break down relatively complex information and communicate it in a [...]

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Carspring is a web-based car retailer. They needed content across several pages of their website. They needed engaging descriptions of various cars and famous brands, as well as informative content on how their car buying process works. We created a series of product descriptions, as well as some easy-to-understand content detailing Carspring’s unique approach to [...]

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BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas approached us for content for the house buying section of their website. The French bank lends British house buyers the money they need to purchase property in France. We have created several ‘how to’ guides relating to various stages of the property buying process in France. The main aim of the content was [...]

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Nestle Waters

Nestle Waters approached us to help with their social responsibility content. They wanted to communicate how they’re helping communities, fighting global warming and promoting good health. They needed copywriters who understood the issues they wanted to address implicitly. We have written blog posts on behalf of Nestle Waters on marine biology, clean water initiatives and [...]

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Energy House Digital

Energy House Digital is a digital marketing specialist with high profile clients around the world. They needed a regular supply of blog posts and articles for search marketing purposes - so we obliged. Our copywriters have written articles for fitness retailers, private healthcare providers, tech firms, the financial services sector and a wide variety of blogs. [...]

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Flying Homes

Flying Homes is a UK house buying service that gives homeowners the chance to sell their home in a fraction of the time it would take on the open market. We were approached to create a series of house buying guides - based on the various nuances of each UK city’s property market. This required [...]

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