What Makes a Copywriter a Great Copywriter?

Being a good writer is not a guarantee of success as a copywriter. If you’re looking for someone to create effective marketing or web content, you should be looking for someone with an innate understanding of human nature. We’re all fickle beasts, us human beings. We have very short attention spans, and many of us [...]

Tips for Getting Started as a Copywriter

I'm relatively new to the world of copywriting and blogging, so a lot of my time is currently spent promoting myself online.  I'm learning as I go along, and I seem to be wasting a lot of my time on tactics that simply don't bear fruit.  As I'm a kind and caring sort of chap, [...]

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5 Ways a UK Copywriter Can Beat Writer’s Block

Have you ever sat at your computer screen with the intention of writing a ridiculously incisive and concise piece of copy, only to find yourself contemplating the origins of the universe or what to have for lunch? If you have, the chances are you experienced what us writers like to refer to as writer's block. [...]

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6 Sneaky Ways a Copywriter Can Find New Clients

I would say that around 75 percent of my work is ghost writing; writing for clients who take the credit for my work. Of course, I couldn't survive without this income, but it does grate on me sometimes when some of my stunning work will never earn me the credit I quite obviously deserve (no [...]

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Is SEO Copywriting a Relic of the Past?

I’m a journalist and writer – it’s what I do. I’m not a marketing agent, I’m not a web designer and I sure as hell ain’t an SEO specialist. And while SEO copywriting is listed as one of my specialities, I abhor the term and everything it stands for. Search engine optimisation is something that [...]

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